Apple Creek Villas

Condo Information

Committees and Rosters

HOA Board of Directors:

Sue Trams – President


John Drengler - Treasurer


Dorothy Nelson-Secretary


Gary Krueger


Mike Bauer


Greg Tate


Pfefferle Management

Jeff McLaughlin


Pfefferle Maintenance Request Link


Communications, Newsletter,Website  

and Directories:

Gary Krueger

Project Managers

Jim Knapstein & Lee Leininger

Rules Conformance Committee:

Various Board Members

Pool Crew:

Larry Ciriacks – Chair

Robert Banton, Bob Barlament,  Georgianne Bravick, Della Davey, Dan Dickmann, Daryn Drengler, Richard and Denise Haight, Dennis Ihde, John Lundquist, Sue Trams, Bob and Dorothy Nelson. Substitutes, Hank and Noreen Boselie & Greg and Judy Tate


Carla Krueger

Social Committee:

??? – Chair


Welcoming Committee:

Pat Ulrey – Chair

Jan Sele

Clubhouse After-Party Checking:

Sue Trams-Chair

Joan Dobberstein, Dianne Ihde, Nancy Van Lysal, Marla Jensen, Pat Ulrey, Jan Watson, Leslee Harvey, Judy Tate

Ponds, Fountain Timers:

Roy Weyenberg, Bill Harvey, Gary Krueger

Grounds Beautification Crew:     Bob & Dorothy Nelson, Bonnie Clow, Della Davey, Paul Link, Grace Link, Denise Haight, Richard Haight, Lynda Buretta, Bonnie & John Lundquist, Subs Greg & Judy Tate

Clubhouse Inventory and Purchase

Jeff Jensen    

Board of Directors General Meeting


Open Board Meeting

July 29,2021

Minutes of the meeting will be published below

as soon as they are prepared and approved.

Welcome Booklet

For new owners and seasoned residents.