Apple Creek Villas

Laundry Drain Traps

Laundry floor drains don't typically receive any water through normal use so the traps need to be "watered" occasionally to work properly. This will prevent sewer gases and sewer flies from getting into your home. If you smell a sweet stinky odor or have tiny flies in your home, it's probably due to the drain trap not having enough water to seal properly. You can avoid this problem by keeping the drain traps filled with water by simply pouring two cups of water into the drain every couple of weeks. You can reduce this maintenance to about twice a year if you use RV antifreeze (available at hardware stores for about $2-$4/gallon) instead of plain water.

Preparation before Vacation and Travel

If you plan to be away for more than two weeks, there are several important things you should do to protect your property and ensure that you return to the same home that you left.

What should you do to your house before going on vacation?

1. Turn off your main water supply or have someone check your home every week or two.

2. Turn down your water heater for safety and to save money.**

3. Unplug all electronics.

4. Put at least one light on a timer.

5. Have your mail forwarded or held at the post office. Have your newspaper stopped.

6. Adjust your thermostat.

7. Seal open boxes of food and dried goods.

8. Leave emergency contact information with a neighbor.

9. It is also a good idea to have a neighbor, friend or relative check your condo weekly  to prevent water or other disasters from occurring.

**Please note that the Association’s insurance policy excludes water damage that has resulted from continuous or repeated seepage, discharge or leakage of water if the discharge has occurred over a period of 14 days or more.

Smoke Alarms

Don't forget to check the batteries in your smoke alarms.  Also, remember that the smoke alarms themselves are usually only good for 10 years. After that time, you will  need to replace them. An article on smoke alarm replacement can be found on the "Condo Info" link above.

Contractor Information Information on this and other services that have recommendations of our residents  can be found in the library of the clubhouse. The "Apple Creek Contractors" file is there for you to gather or share information about contractors that you have used and recommend and even lists contractors that are not recommended. It's a handy little file.

Considering Moving?

Please read the information to make sure that you cover all the bases in order to make the move as smooth as possible for you, Pfefferle, and the condo association.

Please Inform Pfefferle:

1.   Where you are closing and your closing date.

2.  Your forwarding address!

3.  If you are on Auto Pay, you must stop AUTOPAY!

  Without this information, your move leaves everyone in confusion. Pfefferle has been running into more and more units closing on the end of the month and they have no clue that the owners did close or are closing. If the ACH (Automated Clearing House) payment fees have not been stopped you will continue to pay Condo Fees.  If Pfefferle does not get forwarding addresses, it makes if very  difficult to refund your money!

Exterior Modification Procedures

Please remember that if you are doing any type of exterior modification to your condo you must secure approval before ANY work can begin.

Your exterior improvement application must be submitted and APPROVED before you begin your project. We can not approve any application submitted without adequate information.

You must complete the  information on the "Exterior Improvement Application" (found on the website or from Pfefferle) and submit this with plans, drawings and/or literature to Pfefferle Management.

Not getting the Villas Emails?

If you ever feel like you or someone you know is not receiving the emails from the Villas, please contact me. A few times in the past, people have contacted me only to find out that they inadvertently unsubscribed from the villas mailing list by clicking on the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of any of the emails sent previously. As a safety feature, our email program will not allow me to re-subscribe you to the list.

This can be corrected. I can't do it, but you can. Contact Gary Krueger and he will send you a link to enable you to resubscribe on your own. If you are experiencing this or any other issues, please contact Gary Krueger.

Need a Pfefferle Maintenance Form?

Yes, you can fill out an online maintenance form that goes directly to Pfefferle Management. It is located on the top of each page of this website.  Maintenance.

Did you know that Christmas holiday decorations can only go up after Thanksgiving?

Holiday decorations cannot be displayed before Thanksgiving, and must be removed by the following January 7th. All other holidays can be decorated following the same guidelines, using a display period of one week before to one week after the holiday.

Did you know that there is a link to Newsletters on the website?

If you feel you didn't get a notice about the publication of the newsletter and want to see one, go to and go to the Newsletter page. Once there you can click on the Current Newsletter link for the most recent or click on the other links for the last four months of newsletters.  Want more?  Contact Gary Krueger.

Did you know that most of the condo documents are posted on this website?

Yes, everything from rules and regulations and bylaws through snow removal and clubhouse reservation forms! They are all on the "Condo Info" page for viewing, downloading and printing.

Lock Box Information

Just a note to make sure that everyone is aware that each condo has a lock box located on the street side. The box is about eye height and is black with a red reflector across the front. The box is used by emergency personnel to gain access to your unit in case of an emergency. The reason for this note is to make you aware that IF you have or will change your locks, you will need to contact the Fire Department located at 4930 Lightning Drive (832-5810) and arrange for a time to have them meet at your home and replace the old key with your new key, or in the case of an electronic coded lock (like the clubhouse), your access code, so the emergency crews can access your home. Please do not delay...this could be a life saver!